420K Unit

The reliable and flexible 420K HDU /HWO Unit has been designed for side track drilling and workover operations offshore. The 420K satisfies your need for high quality, safe and efficient operations.

The jointed work string is handled by means of 3 hydraulic cylinders (36 ft. stroke). The use of hydraulic cylinders allows perfect control over work string movements and makes it easy to use all types of downhole tools.
Advantages & Characteristics:
•    Unique “Slip bowl Interlock System”
•    Small footprint
•    Skidding capability (Rig and pipe rack)
•    Modular self-erecting mast
•    Excellent cost/quality ratio
•    Multi-purpose application
•    Racking capability to 14,000 ft.

Operational activities:

  • Handling all types of completions
  • Dead well operations
  • Packer setting/milling
  • Live well Fishing operations
  • Side track drilling
  • Section milling


Pull Capacity: 420,000 lbs 190 tons
Push Capacity: 0 0
Rotary torque: 22,000 ft. lbs 29.000 Nm
Stroke: 66 ft 10,9 m
Through bore: 14“ 355 mm
Slip bowls: 460.000 lbs 208 ton
Ginpole: 25,000 lbs 11,3 tons

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