600K Unit

The reliable and flexible 600K HWO/Snubbing Unit has been designed for all well situations: live/dead, onshore/offshore. The 600K satisfies your need for high quality, safe and efficient Snubbing or Workover operations in any environment.

The jointed work string is handled by means of 4 hydraulic cylinders (3m stroke). The use of hydraulic cylinders allows perfect control over work string movements and makes it easy to use all types of downhole tools.

Advantages & Characteristics:
•    Unique “Slip bowl Interlock System”
•    Small footprint
•    Flexible
•    Mobile
•    Excellent cost/quality ratio
•    Multi-purpose application

Operational activities:

  • Handling all types of completions
  • Live/Dead well operations
  • Packer setting/milling
  • Well clean out
  • Live well Fishing operations
  • Underbalance installation of liners
  • Remedial operations
  • Installation of velocity strings


Pull Capacity: 600,000 lbs 270,000 kg
Push Capacity: 263,000 lbs 118,000 kg
Rotary torque: 20,000 ft. lbs 27.000 Nm
Stroke: 10 ft 3 m
Through bore:

11 1/8“ (Snubbing)

13 58″ (HWO)

283 mm (Snubbing)

346 mm (HWO)

Slip bowls: 600,000 lbs 270,000 kg
Ginpole: 2x 5,500 lbs 2x 2500 kg
Unit total weight: 80,000 lbs 40,000 kg

Do NOT kill your well – Save your formation!
Exploit the benefits of our underbalance (UB) operations