Casing/Pipe Puller

Casing/Pipe Pullers can be used to install and retrieve casing/pipe with diameters up to 17 Inch. These very compact units can be easily installed onboard of small offshore platforms are very well suited to conduct low cost workovers, re-completions and P&A activities.

These units are very simple to operate and can be equipped with different type of remote operated slips The unit can be equipped with a rotary table and different size adaptor plates to run small size workstrings and to run mechanical rotational tools and casing cutters.

Advantages & Characteristics:
•    Quick and simple rig-up
•    Small footprint
•    Simple to operate
•    Handling of casing/conductor/riser sizes up to 19 Inch
•    Low cost workover, re-completion and P&A operations

Operational activities:
•    Rigless workover and P&A
•    Pulling/Installing of pipe and casing
•    Able to run mechanical rotational tools
•    Downhole mechanical Casing cutting
•    Offshore and onshore use
•    Low cost operations
•    Low cost re-completions


Pull Capacity: 385,000 lbs 173 tonnes
Push Capacity: N.A. N.A.
Rotary torque: 20,000 ft. lbs 27.000 Nm
Stroke: 9 ft 3 m
Through bore: 17-3/4“ 450 mm
Slip bowls: Different types (pipe/casing slips)  
Ginpole/CB winch package: 2x 3000 lbs (No Gin Pole) 2x 1500 kg (No Gin Pole)
Unit weight: 56,000 lbs 25 tonnes

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