Plug & Abandonment

Plug & Abandonments

Hydraulic Workover, the Solution for Platform well Plug and Abandonments!

Hydraulic Workover is your first choice for platform well Plug and Abandonments (P&A’s). HWU’s have a extremely good track record on performing offshore P&A’s. A recent case history have shown that a HWU was 5 times cheaper than a Jack-up drilling rig.

HWU in combination with liftboat performing small platform P&A

Cutting and retrieving Casing and Conductor

Learn how a HWU can P&A wells 5 times cheaper than a jack-up drilling rig

During an abandoment campaign both a HWU and Jack-up were working on the same P&A project. This unique situation allowed for making a price comparison.

Onshore P&A using HWT600 hydraulic workover unit